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Aladdin Hotel Las Vegas

Aladin Implosion
The last time we saw the Aladdin it was in no condition for guests...

Archived January 2001. Some information may have changed.
The newest "Jewel of the Desert" opened its doors Friday, August 18th, 2000. Actress Barbara Eden, of "I Dream of Genie" television show fame,
dressed in a traditional genie costume like those worn by many of the Aladdin Resort employees, crossed her arms, nodded her head and signaled the long anticipated opening of the new Aladdin Las Vegas and the incredible one-of-a-kind dining / shopping mecca Desert Passage. Also among the opening festivities were a camel race along Las Vegas Blvd in front of the Aladdin Hotel (which was intended to finish with the victor riding INTO the casino) a christening of the Aladdin Resort Casino Merchant Harbor ship by Miss Las Vegas followed by the debut public performance of the Desert Passage's unique indoor rain storm, and performances by Lou Rawls and Nancy Wilson at the Blue Note Jazz Club. Fireworks and the Grand Opening of the hotel and casino were postponed until the following nights.

The hotel design is unique for the Las Vegas Strip. Each floor is designed so that no guest room is more than seven doors from an elevator. Obviously built to get visitors to the casino floor, dining venues and shopping areas in a quick fashion. Room sizes ranges from the 563 sq ft Resort Room to the
Aladdin Construction
Construction mid-completion in 1999.
1,255 sq ft Bedroom Suite, all with marble bathrooms and private soaking tubs. The sixth floor terrace is for the sun-seekers, with two outdoor pools and a full service spa.

For those looking for some gambling action, the "1,001 Arabian Nights" themed casino is where you can find it. Gaming tables are nestled among old world mystical tailed figures like winged horses, a magic golden lamp and a nest of the giant roc bird. A special entertainment lounge overlooks the casino floor for visitors who prefer to watch rather than play. There is also an exclusive casino within the casino called the London Club. Here you'll find European-style gaming with high-limit tables, a private entrance and lobby as well as a gourmet restaurant.

Aladdin Hotel room
Typical Aladdin hotel room.
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Aladdin Suite
An Aladdin Suite.

But just when you think you've seen it all...enter the Desert Passage. Designed to take the guest on a journey traveled by merchants along ancient trade routes, you'll find yourself transported to the coast of Spain, across Northern Africa and on to the coastline of the Arabian Sea. A large freighter ship moored in the foggy harbor with a threat of thunder and lightening on the ceiling overhead will entice you to duck into one of the many fine shopping or dining establishments. Over 15 resturants are found in the Desert Passage, among them are the famous Blue Note Jazz Club of New York and Commander's Palace from New Orleans. Don't miss Beluga Bar, a turn-of-the-century wharf bar offering raw oysters, clams, crab, shrimp, lobster and the ultimate consummate collection of the world's finest caviar. Although some of the restaurants are not yet completed for the August 17th opening, they are all expected to be entertaining guests by mid-October. After satisfying your taste buds, stroll through some of the 130 retail shops, including Clinque's first free-standing boutique, Manrico Cashmere or designer Swiss chocolates at Teuscher Chocolates.

Artists drawing of final Aladdin
Artists concept of completed hotel

Las Vegas is the only place on earth where you can experience such a selection of countries, flavors and excitement, from Tropical Islands to Paris to Venice to Ancient Rome and now to the Old World of The Arabian Coast! No wonder Las Vegas is known as the "Entertainment Capitol of the World!"


Ready for the Camel Race

Desert Passage ship christening

Desert Passage Entertainers

VIP preopening party

The front doors to the Aladdin Resort
remained closed through opening night

The first (and only) glimpse of the inside
of The Aladdin Casino opening night


Entrance to Desert Passage

Interior Architectural Detail

Low Ceilinged Hall

Entrance to Performing Arts Hall

Interior Arial View

Food Court Area

Reflecting Pool Between Rain Storms

Interior Detail


Blue Note Lounge Area

Bar Area of Lounge

Inside the Showroom

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