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Inside Secrets to Save You Tons of Money When Visiting Las Vegas!

Save MORE Money When Dining in Las Vegas


Before you visit Las Vegas, even if you plan on dining inside your own hotel, we always recommend checking first. You can easily save 60% at many of Las Vegas' best restaurants (including those in many hotels) just by taking a couple minutes to plan ahead.

1. <-VISIT the website (Click the graphic link at left).
2. ENTER '89109'
for the Las Vegas Strip zip code.
3. CHOOSE from the hundreds of Las Vegas restaurants available.
4. ENJOY the dining AND the savings!

There are descriptions, maps, even menus for each restaurant. Click the retaurants you are already planning on dining at or new ones you would like to try out. For only $10 each you will immediately receive a voucher for $25 off that restaurant, which you can print out on your own home printer, or save it to your mobile device using the simple app and show it to the cashier! No shipping fee, or waiting for the mail. Really handy if you're ALREADY here in Las Vegas with your smart-phone deciding where to eat tonight! Many restaurants also offer other denominations of discount certificates including $10 off for only $4, up through $100 off for only $40!. That's an instant savings of 60%! We're locals and use the service all the time at home AND on the road.

Not only are there Las Vegas restaurants, but thousands of restaurants all over the United States, so you can use them in your local area as well. They also make great gifts and the recipient need never know you got a discount. The vouchers are good forever and if you change your mind or don't get around to using it in Las Vegas, you can exchange it for one at a different restaurant even one nearer your home, without a hassle. If you misplace a voucher, no problem, you can simply go back to their website online, any time of day, even at your hotel or nearby internet cafe, and print out a new one!

Additional Secret Tips and Bargains

  • If you sign up for the special e-mail promotions at the website you'll receive 'special sales' offers when many voucher sale prices are discounted by yet another 50% or more, so you can wind up saving as much as 80% or more on select restaurants!
  • Check their list of Las Vegas "Dinner Show Bundles". By buying show tickets and dinner together you can get a discount on BOTH dinner AND show box office ticket prices.

Check it out now by clicking the special introductory link above. It costs nothing to browse, and you'll see how easy it is to save both in Las Vegas and at home with

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