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Joni Moss - The Vegas Wedding Advisor Joni Moss is a career girl, previously married to her high school sweetheart Michael for 21 years and mothers to sons Matthew 23, and Brandon 14. She was born and raised in Southern California within a show business life. Her divorced mom and dad were both involved in the Entertainment world, her father an employee of Jerry Lewis and her mom, manager of Nancy Sinatra’s music company.

Early on, Joni knew whatever she chose as a vocation had to be within that world. She had the personality for it, unfortunately admitted no talent. So when she and Michael were newlyweds, they attended college for the travel industry, then for a while owned and operated their own flower shop for 8 years. Since it wasn’t her life’s dream in 1991, when her mother and stepfather relocated to Vegas, Joni and Michael relocated as well. It was at that time she entered the wedding chapel business and that was it. She knew she wanted the glitz, the rush and dove into the 12 plus hour days with adrenalin.

Today, Joni has her own wedding company called “LV Wedding Connection” This Company was founded on assisting Brides on all components of the wedding industry. From Chapel locations to formal wear, all needs can be fulfilled. I pride myself in giving the couple what they want to make it their special day. With one wedding at a time, we never forget that this is more than a business, it is a life-changing day for this couple and all of their special needs and requests can be met. J Team Events is a new component to the already existing wedding company. Joni found that the same components were needed at other special events besides weddings, and thus founded J Team Events with her significant other. His name is John and when they are out working they consider themselves the “J Team”, and that is where the name was founded.

Joni started her wedding experience with working at A Little White Wedding Chapel; Victoria’s Wedding Chapel, Harrah’s Wedding Chapel and then landed an awesome opportunity! To open with A Special Memory Wedding Chapel from its inception in 1996. She was the first one hired for this company as it was in the ground breaking status. She lived the last 9 years living and breathing A Special Memory, but as time changes so does owners. The original owners she opened with, sold the chapel in Nov. 2005, and when they left, she left with them. It was an era closed. A wonderful ride with many important stops along the way, built with lifelong relationships. Joni’s favorite thing to discuss about how wonderful it is to be involved in the wedding and event industry. “I just love my job, there’s nothing like it.” Every day is exciting, unexpected, and fun! ”What a great thing to see, happy people!!!! Joni relishes in positive thinking and really goes on her instincts about people and business. She really believes we all have the power to bring into our lives what we need, and truly believes what is meant to be is!

She is the founder of a statewide association called the “Nevada Wedding Association”, started in 2005.

She represents the wedding industry for the state. Her Territory is Las Vegas, Laughlin and Mesquite. It is an organization soley funded by the support of Nevada Commission on Tourism. She also sits on the Board of the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, Co-Chairman for “Las Vegas Territory”, board member for the “Community College Floral Association” as well as the newly founded “Wedding Professionals of Las Vegas Organization” .She also represents the for the West Rim of the Grand Canyon as their wedding specialist. It is a beautiful location for a wedding and an all day event.

One of the things she is most proud of is to be the recipient of the “Las Vegas Territory Award” from the State recognizing her contribution to Tourism. She has completed an interview for VH1’s “Love and Hate” special, and also played a small part as a minister at a drive up window, in a soon to be released “Pasty Faces” motion picture. She’s energetic, a non-stop talker, great on interviews, and was interviewed herself on “The Wedding Hour” an internet radio show, as well as an AM radio station, “The Bill Moran Show”. One of the most recent accomplishments was orchestrating the renewal of Vows for the Mayor of Las Vegas. It was quite an event celebrating his 47 years of marriage as well as celebrating a huge wedding day in Las Vegas...090909.

Finally her goals are to continue her work and further her career out front instead of behind the scenes. She loves T.V. and videos and is spiritual and with all of her dynamic presentation, prides herself in the fact that she has NEVER had a confrontation with anyone. She’s a “people” person and they know it.

Joni is always positive, smiling, energetic and definitely upbeat. She will be happy to assist all of your wedding and event needs and truly “connect you” to your vision.

To contact Joni call 702-236-8728 or email and she will be happy to assist you in all of your wedding needs, and truly give you "A Royal Wedding."

Nevada Wedding Association
LV Wedding Connection
512 East Windmill Lane #348
Las Vegas, Nevada 89123

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