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Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas seem to have a lot of unspoken policies, that people have a hard time swallowing, especially when they find out the day of their wedding. These questions are sometimes overlooked and assumed it is all ok, as "It is my wedding" .Wrong. Each chapel has different policies that is true, but they tend to be very similar in their thinking and do not deviate. Some are more flexible than others, as you will find just as some are prettier, cleaner, friendlier staff and open different hours. Search the chapels out, go in and see how you are treated. Is it clean and will you be proud to have your friends and family there? Do you feel emotion when you walk in? Believe me, you will find these things; just take the time to shop. Give our local chapels a chance to prove that we too are a wonderful wedding destination!

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1. Outside Affiliates Please note that Nevada is one of the few states that require you to be registered with the state office to perform weddings. If you are a Minister from another state, you usually can do services in another state without registering with the state office, but not in Nevada. You must belong to a Church and register with the state office, and they will issue you a license for Nevada so you can perform weddings. If a brother, cousin, etc. wants to officiate your wedding here in town, they can apply at the County Clerks Office for a special pass. That pass is usually issued for 3 days and will entitle them to officiate your wedding. Most chapels discourage outside officiates.

2. Outside Photographers Most chapels will not allow outside photographers to come in. Photography is their bread and butter and do not accept outside photographers easily. They will usually allow photographers to take photos during the wedding, but not after when their professional staff are doing their job. Sometimes cameras are not allowed inside the chapel either. Of course we sometimes can . for a fee naturally.

3. Gratuity for Limousine Drivers There is always an additional fee for your Limousine Driver. It is approximately between $25.00 and $45.00 per round trip. The drivers expect to receive the gratuity at the end of the round trip back to your destination. The Limousine Driver's position is paid at a minimum wage per hour, so they make their money on gratuity. When they give you good service, they only know if you are pleased, by the gratuity you give to them.

4. Gratuity for Ministers Ministers are usually outside contractors and are not paid by the chapel. The money that they receive from the couples is the only money they make. The suggested amount is usually $50 - $75.00 for a chapel wedding and $25 - $35.00 for a gazebo or Drive-up wedding.

5. Bringing your own music Chapels welcome bringing your own music. The staff understands that some people have special songs to play, instead of the wedding march. Bring the music on a CD, which is easy for a staff member to queue up. The songs are not played in entirety because there is a time factor involved. There is usually music played for the processional and the recessional, which would be a piece of the song you have chosen and then faded out. If you desire to play the song in its entirety, you might want to purchase extra chapel time. Some chapels do have organs or pianos. Bringing in a family member, or guest to play these instruments, is not favored by the chapel due to the liability of the instrument.

6. Seating capacity Investigate the seating capacity of the chapels. After the seating capacity some will allow standing room only, so more people can be accommodated. Most chapels accommodate 20 - 75 guests seated, although there are a few that can accommodate up to 100.

7. Rice and Birdseed Throwing rice is a definite "NO". Birds eat the rice which inflates their stomach, which will cause them to explode. Yes really explode!! Birdseed of course will bring birds, so that is also suggested as "NO". An alternative is to use bubbles or to throw rose petals which the wind will blow away.

8. How long in the chapel The amount of time spent for a wedding inside the chapel is 30 minutes. That time is usually broken into half of the time for the service, and half for the photo session. Some chapels book weddings on 30 minute time slots, while others book on 15 minute time slot. Understand that the time seems to be quick, but weddings are completed in that time frame, and you actually did not realize the amount of time you spent. If that all makes you too uncomfortable, purchase additional time from the chapel, which is usually sold in 30 minute slots. The prices for additional time can be as low as $59.00 to as high as $200.00, especially on a Saturday or busy holiday.

Please feel free to contact me if I can assist you with your Vegas Wedding plan!!!!

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