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The Mac King Comedy Magic Show

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Mac King Comedy Show Mac King is one of today's brightest and most talented magicians. His unique act contains an unusual combintation of quirky humor, visual gags and amazing sleight of hand. It is serious magic delivered in a hilarious tongue-in-cheek manner.

Mac King The Magician King is known for his engaging personality and original magic creations, like his famous "Cloak of Invisibility" which is an ordinary yellow rain coat that possesses extraordinary powers. He convinces the audience that this coat renders him invisible and follows with a hilarious gag that involves astounding illusory feats.

Another example of Mac King's offbeat humor is his apparent affinity for Fig Newton cookies, which become a recurring theme throughout the show. Fig Newtons seem to appear in the most unlikely and unpredictable places and then disappear in the same fashion.

Mac King's Magic This show offers alot of audience interaction, like when a guest's missing playing card reappears inside a sealed box of cereal or when a live goldfish miraculously materializes over an audience member's head.

Mac King has had numerous television appearances including "Houdini: Unlocking His Secrets."

This show is a great ticket to family entertainment.

Location: Harrah's Hotel and Casino
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