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The Magic and Tigers of Rick Thomas

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Best Afternoon Magic Show Rick Thomas, "Magician of the Year", offers one of the most extraordinary magic shows on the Strip. Labeled as the most successful afternoon show in the history of Las Vegas, this constantly changing elaborate afternoon production offers audiences more surprises, wonder and amazement in one hour than anywhere else in town.

Rick Thomas started is magic career at the early age of 7. He began performing magic professionally at the age of 13 earning $5 per show. Now, Rick Thomas makes his dreams a reality in his latest version of the show, "The Art of Dreaming". This show will amaze you with original illusions, exciting choreography, beautiful dancers, exotic birds and royal white and orange Bengal tigers. Watch Rick magically appear out of nowhere atop a Harley Davidson motorcycle while his talented leather-clad female dancers wave hot racing flags around him.

Magic of Rick Thomas

Renown for his "Incredible Shrinking Tiger" illusion, Rick leads his full-grown white tiger, Samson, into a box marked "Wild Animal", shrinks it in size and then reveals a smaller version of Samson. "Majestic" is the word that best describes the Bengal Tigers in Rick Thomas' spectacular magical production. Rick's love for magic is matched only by his passion for exotic cats, Thomas is quite dedicated to these beautiful animals.

Rick Thomas Makes White Tigers and Showgirls Disappear

This is a magic show not to miss. Be sure to get your tickets early as Rick is frequently playing to sold-out capacity audiences.

Location: Currently Closed as of August 2012
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