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(formerly Regent Las Vegas)
Restaurant Review

Reviewed: 1/13/00

Jigs, mugs and Celtic Rock! J. C. Wooloughan at J.W. Mariott Las Vegas offers a slice of Irish ancestry in food, drink and music. This unique pub was actually built in Ireland, then dismantled and shipped to Las Vegas and reassembled. Dining tables are scattered throughout the pub in secluded corners and specially designed nooks. Once seated, you'll find the menu a haven of interesting traditional Irish dishes.Sausage rolls made from Irish sausage meat stuffed and baked in puff pastries is a good start. Try a warm corned beef sandwich or the Irish staple, a Boxty. A Boxty is mashed and grated potato pancakes grilled and stuffed with your choice of items, something like a potato omelet. My favorite is Shepard's Pie, fresh ground sirlon cooked with vegetables in a beefy sauce and topped with Champ (mashed potatoes) browned under a grill. If you really like Guiness, their Beef & Guiness Pie offers tender beef chucks marinated in Guiness and topped with a puff pastry. You better be real hungry if you order the Beer Batter Fish & Chips, the tender, tasty cod fish pieces are the biggest I've ever seen.

The bar area is great for mingling or just sitting and watching the musicians who perform nightly, Wednesday through Saturday. Somedays, they even have free jig lessons. The largest selection of Irish brews from tap to bottle are found here. The menu explains the beer blends which are their specialty, like Black & Tan, Black Velvet or a Snakebite, to name a few.

The service is fair but the food is delicous and is served in large portions. The prices are inexpensive. The atmosphere is fun and friendly. Finally, Dublin has arrived in Nevada.

Food Quality: 5
Value: 5
Service: 3
Overall Dining Experience: 4
  J. C. Wooloughan at J.W. Mariott Las Vegas
221 N Rampart Blvd, LV, NV 89145
(702) 869-7777

Reservations are not accepted.
Open Daily 24 Hours