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Reviewed: 1/20/98

The Greeks know how to cook! The Parthenon Greek Market and Deli Cafe is the best place in town for fresh gyros. If you're in the mood for some Greek cuisine, take a short ride to the Parthenon. This family owned business is a few years young but the quality of their food is heaven. They offer appetizers like Houmos or Taramosalata, (a rich and creamy spread made with red caviar.) The lunch menu includes Gyros, Souvlaki, Spanakopita, Briam and Keftedes to name a few. My dinner favorite is the Doldmades. Grape leaves stuffed with ground meat, rice, herbs, seasoning and topped with a unique egg-lemon sauce. The Pastisio is also delicious. Macaroni and ground beef casserole topped with bechamel sauce. Can't decide what you want? Try the combination plate and get both of the above with some Mousaka too. All dinner entrees include bread and either soup or salad..

And what's a Greek dinner without dessert? The Baklava is sweet and flaky with just the right amount of walnuts. If custard is more your style, try Galactobouriko. They also offer mousse cake and Gelati Celesti.

The atmosphere is very casual and cafe-like with outdoor patio furniture and good Greek music playing. You can even sit outdoors at tables on the sidewalk. The service is excellent. Maybe because Mom runs the kitchen, eh? There is also a small Greek market inside where you can find those hard-to-find items from Athens. All at a great price, too.

Atmosphere: CASUAL
Food Quality: 5
Value: 5
Service: 5
Overall Dining Experience: 5
  Parthenon Greek Market and Deli Cafe
3655 S Durango Drive, LV, NV 89117
(702) 255-1088

Reservations are not accepted.
Open Monday through Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.