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Reviewed: 5/5/00

Newest microbrewery in Las Vegas! Chicago Brewery looks like a building straight from the "Windy City." It's quickly becoming a popular after-five hang-out for the younger crowd. This is probably due to the secluded cigar bar located on the top floor overlooking the dining room. Or perhaps the small balconies that let you catch abit of desert air while having a cocktail after work. Either way, the atmosphere suggests a laid-back casual time with friends.

They have a nice menu which offers a brew-burgers, a few pasta dishes, and some midwest fares including Home Made Meatloaf and Old Fashioned Pot Roast and of course...Chicago Style pizza. The pizzas are wonderful. A thin and crispy crust to allows you savor all the fresh sun-dried tomatoes, cheese and herbs. Try the Up Town Roasted Garlic Chicken and you won't be disappointed. But chicken isn't always their best dish. The All American Chicken Pot Pie leaves much to be desired. My favorite was their Chicago's Best Sausages. You can sample one or two as an appetizer or get one of each Italian, Bratwurst and Polish as a full dinner. The sausages are just spicy enough and cooked to perfection. A side of home-made apple chutney tops off the flavors marvelously.

The atmosphere is open and a bit noisey. The dining area is rather small but if you're lucky enough to get a booth you'll find it very comfortable. The service getting a table was cumbersome and unskilled. But once seated the wait staff was prompt and attentive. The prices are moderate.

Food Quality: 4
Value: 3
Service: 4
Overall Dining Experience: 4
  Chicago Brewing Company
2201 South Fort Apache, LV, NV 89117
(702) 254-3333

Reservations are not accepted.
Open 24 Hours.