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Reviewed: 1/5/99

Very impressive.Cafe Bellagio is not the upscale, stuffy, hauty coffee shop one would expect at this high priced resort. The staff is friendly and efficient. The old, mundane coffee shop food items have been upgraded on their menu with innovative and tasty changes. The soups taste homemade and are served piping hot. Everything from hot and cold sandwiches, hearty ground beef burgers, fresh crisp salads to pasta dinners is available. The sandwiches are huge, so if you're not too hungry, bring a friend. If you find you actually have room leftover, check out the great dessert menu. Lottsa chocoate.

Staff was as impressive as the food quality. Seating was immediate. The wait staff was informative, helpful and friendly. He made suggestions on choices, made sure everything was to our satisfaction, and all with a smile. It's nice to see wait staff enjoying their profession.

The atmosphere is bright, open, airy and filled with greenry and flowers. And the prices are impressive too. Low to moderate charges for high quality food and excellent service. Nice change of pace for the Strip!

Atmosphere: CASUAL, OPEN, AIRY
Food Quality: 5
Value: 5
Service: 5
Overall Dining Experience: 5
  Bellagio Resort's Cafe Bellagio
3600 Las Vegas Blvd South, LV, NV 89119
(702) 693-7223

Reservations are not accepted.
Open daily 24 hours.