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Reviewed: 3/26/99

Expensive and crowded! Bix's is a fairly new hot spot in town. Offering Big Band sounds on certain nights and a new eclectic menu with tastes of creole and cajun. The menu is delightful and the staff is more than willing to help you make a selection. You could probably make a meal of the appetizer selections alone but don't or you will miss some truly different tastes. Start with the coconut batter chicken or the spicy Thai sate beef sticks for a unique flavor experience. Dinners range from pastas to beef to chicken and even duck with a raspberry sauce made from fresh berries.

The dessert menu is just as exciting as the dinner. Lots of choices for both the chocoholic and non-chocolate lover. Be sure to have an after dinner drink or cup of their speciality coffees and relax with the surroundings. They also have a nice wine selection to accompany your meal. Or you can retire to the cigar lounge for a smoke.

The atmosphere is upscale and crowded. Valet parking is a must. The classy decor depics an era gone by but the paintings and new age light fixtures add abit of intrigue. You'll find the service very good. But you may have to wait too long for a table on the weekends. Bring a full wallet as the prices are just that...pricey. It's a nice place for a change of pace and to mingle with those who think they're the "in" crowd. And they're open all night to 6am for late late night dining!

Food Quality: 5
Value: 3
Service: 4
Overall Dining Experience: 4
4495 S Buffalo Road, LV, NV 89147
(702) 889-0800

Reservations are recommend.
Open Daily 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m.