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Rate Sheet for Advertising on Las Vegas Leisure Guide

All Las Vegas visitor portal websites are NOT equal!

You can have your Las Vegas tourism oriented website integrated into the oldest, largest, most popular Las Vegas tourist site for 1/10th the price of a conventional print advertisement. For as little as only $55 per month including an animated logo style link, you can reach the confirmed largest single audience of readers interested in visiting Las Vegas on the internet BEFORE they get to town. This one, flat price never changes whether you receive 500 click-thrus or 50,000! NO COMMISSIONS, no additional fees, no haggles!

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PLEASE NOTE: All links are for the purpose of visitor traffic advertising. LVLG does not and never has sold direct text links for the intent of gaining search engine rankings. Nor do we participate in off topic advertising or link farms. Nor do we promote or link to online gambling web sites. If any of these are what you are looking for please look elsewhere.
Many inexpensive additional options:
  • Links in additional areas: $15/ea./month
  • (Bids for the Top Center Ad (SM) page sponsorship on the LVLG HOME page and other select pages is temporarily discontinued.)
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    (as of 07/09/12; subject to daily change)

    At these prices you're losing money by NOT being on Las Vegas Leisure Guide!

    Why is Las Vegas Leisure Guide still the Best?

    Since its beginning in March 1995 as the first city specific tourism guide website in the world and the ONLY original, Las Vegas tourism website, Las Vegas Leisure Guide has always been about more than just haphazardly listing Las Vegas businesses. While others have come and gone, we're the only ones still around so long because we showed all the others how to do it right! Our basic format has been immitated by more top city type sites than any other, but with nowhere near the volume of quality vendors we represent. A popular internet buzz word is "Vertical Portal" or "Vortal". LVLG has BEEN one since 1995, before the term existed!

    First, Las Vegas Leisure Guide provides it's own, constantly expanding, original content that Las Vegas visitors want and search for. The information is divided into concise sections and sub-sections to make it easy for visitors to find exactly what they need. If all else fails, there is our customized site-wide search engine. More than 75% of our sections have existed since the beginning of our site (and since before the beginning of most of the major search engines!) and have attracted the most web surfers because of their prominent established positions on the search engines. At least one of our many pages are on the top results page of most search engines under nearly every conceivable Las Vegas related search. Each page is constantly updated as the city itself changes with pages like our Heard Around Town section being updated nearly every day.

    Next, unlike other websites which only offer randomly placed banner ads designed to hide and track your site access, we integrate your website and services right into our content with a non-invasive screen frame designed to add confidence in your products as an accredited and trusted LVLG family member. (This format is standard but we can also provide unframed 'nofollow' links if you so prefer). We do not accept paid infomercials or text links. For example, in our Parks and Attractions Section, not only do we introduce future visitors to hundreds of specific places that they can visit and see, we also link them directly to the websites of tour guides who can take them to those same locations and to more detailed information about the location itself. In our Las Vegas Hotels section, not only do we give readers information about every hotel in Southern Nevada, on the very same page, we connect them to the people who can book them a room at a great price immediately. In our Shows and Events Section, Not only do we give readers the most complete and in-depth details on the internet about ALL the shows, the schedule of shows and events coming up for the next year, we put them in touch with the companies who can seat them right in the front row! When readers want to know more about an attraction or tour, because our family of sponsors and advertisers is the largest on the net, we can often connect them right to the source for more help and the best rates anywhere!

    No single travel services company can be everything to everyone! Our frequent readers who range from repeat Las Vegas visitors, to travel agents, convention planners and corporate meeting planners from around the world, know that. They also know our fast, simple, no-nonsense, privacy conscious, user interface, allows them to find everything they need quickly. It lets them shop and compare for the best values for themselves and their clients because they can reach over 60 different providers in one place, DIRECTLY!

    Finally, and most important of all to travel agents, value shoppers, and advertisers alike, unlike most seemingly similar websites, Las Vegas Leisure Guide never accepts commissions from competing tourism advertisers. This ensures:

    • All advertisers get equal value for their advertising dollar. There is never an incentive for us to promote your competitor over you because of a per sale bonus. New advertisers have the same advantages as existing advertisers.
    • Travel agents and planners from around the world who discover you online via our website can still contact you DIRECTLY to privately discuss their commissions. Numerous, long term agent / vendor realtionships have been formed through our website over the years.
    • Shoppers get the best possible online values that bring them and their friends back to LVLG time after time.

    Why is the Internet better than other mediums?

    According to the highly respected Nielsen Media Research over 7.2 billion people (about 1/3) in the world now have access to any website via the ONE and only internet. This includes 79% of the U.S. market over the age of 16! This is compared with a mere 207 million persons over the age of 18 in the US with television access. So in other words even if you paid $millions to advertise on EVERY SINGLE television set in the US you would still only reach less than half as many persons as you will with a single internet website! When compared to other advertising mediums, the price of internet advertising per thousand customers reached, can't possibly be beat.
    Q. Can a magazine publisher tell you how many people actually looked at your ad in print?
    A. When we host your site or frame link we can, for every single day it was on our site!

    Q. Can a television viewer rerun your 30 second spot to catch the parts they missed, like your telephone number?
    A. On your web site they can't miss it! They can even print it off quicker than they can find a pen and paper!

    Q. How fast/often can you change your ad in a magazine to offer specials?
    A. Online content is as easy to change as sending e-mail.

    Q. Can you afford to advertise in every local newspaper and broadcast area in every country?
    A. There's only ONE universal internet and it reaches everyone in the world 7 days/24 hours, at home, when they're focused on PLANNING their vacations, not while reading a sports section or driving to work.!

    With our highly directed marketing principles as applied to the internet for the past 9+ years, and our extensive specialized expertise in the tourism and hospitality industry, you can't miss attracting, not just the most readers, but the most pre-qualified and anxious buyers for your services and products anywhere. And not only do you get lots of prospects, but it's one of the best kept secrets in town that we get RESULTS! Just ask any of our current advertisers! Then ask those advertising elsewhere how much THEY are paying.

    Check around and compare, our rates, our circulation and our RESULTS!
    Then let us produce those same results for YOU!

    Why Ad Agencies Dislike Us!
    The simple truth: We're TOO HONEST and we're TOO DARN INEXPENSIVE!
    HONESTY: As you can see from this page all our rates are the same for everyone and they are clearly posted where anyone can see them! Now take a look at the website(s) that your current ad agency may have recommended. We'll BET they do not post their advertising rates online, or if they do, they have a special note to agents to call for special agency rates. This is because the old media outlets have played the game for decades and courted the agencies who will recommend them to their larger clients by paying hefty "commissions". These usually amount to 7-15% or more of YOUR total advertising budget that goes right into the agencies pocket in addition to any other fees you already pay them! Why pay THEM when, since you're reading this, you just found us yourself?

    TOO INEXPENSIVE: We can, and did in the distant past, offer similar "discounts" to agencies, but the simple sad fact of the matter is, our ENTIRE monthly link fee to you, usually doesn't amount to what they collect in commissions or discounts alone from the other media owned sites! Therefore they do everything possible to steer clients away from us for fear that you will discover the plain truth that we produce the same results as the more expensive sites for as little as 1/10th the price! And that's why most of our clients are smart business people who do their own marketing research and smart ad agencies who have learned the benefits of productive ad placement.
    Why Ad Agencies Should Love Us!
    Clients like to see results! The internet has, for the first time in history, produced the most accurate method of gauging results of marketing efforts. In as little as one week you can tell the difference between a productive placement and a non-productive one by the total amount of traffic and SALES produced off of a website. and just because traffic is generated does not necessarily interpret into actual sales.
    - Many traditional ad agencies are not yet familiar with the benefits and specifics of the internet and thus tend to simply stick with traditional publications they've dealt with in the past. Some of these may have finally attempted in recent years to "transition" to the internet. Most have failed and given up!
    - The ad agencies we currently deal with have discovered that by offseting the more expensive, non-productive link locations with our highly productive traffic they can produce both revenue for themselves and satisfaction and wider exposure for their customers. When happy customers are making more money there is a bigger budget available for future advertising!

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