Las Vegas Speed Limits Going Up December 8

If you're driving in from Southern California, Arizona or from Northern Nevada this weekend you may notice a slight change in the traffic. Don't be alarmed when a Porsche flies by that Nevada Highway Patrol car in front of you and you don't see the flash of lights and the sound of sirens.

Comensurate with the signing of legislation by President Clinton revoking the 55 mph speed limit, Nevada will be raising all of its speed limits as well. Beginning December 8, 1995 speed limits on many of the more remote Nevada highways will be raised to as high as 75 mph!

Even though the federal limit has been set at 55 mph since 1974, Nevada has in the past issued what was known as the "energy-wasting" or "Failure to Conserve National Resources" ticket. A mere $15, no points, ticket for driving up to 70 mph in some remote 55 mph zones. Beware, however, this will reportedly no longer be done and anyone caught speeding in zones now posted at 55 mph can be punished with the standard much higher fines.

Some specific highway areas of interest to our outer-area driving readers are as follows:

Of course, just because you saw it here, does not mean the limits are in effect until you actually SEE THEM POSTED! Also keep in mind that the speed limits at state lines may change drastically when you cross the border out of Nevada. And regardless of what speed is legal, everyone should drive at whatever speed is comfortable for them, safe under prevailing conditions, and safe for the vehicle they are driving.

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