Example Of Finding a Map Location

In this first example we'll be using Caesar's Palace as our desired location.

From the Las Vegas Hotels listing page we get the following information:

The part that says "(A-B.9,6.0)" is what we are concerned with. The first letter "A" indicates to use map A from the Las Vegas Maps page. This is the "A - Las Vegas Strip & Airport" map. It is reproduced below.

The B.9 and 6.0 indicate the coordinates to locate Caesars Palace. You can use the part before the decimal points to get a ballpark figure, but we've narrowed it down even more, into tenths for those of you who are sticklers. By drawing a line which intersects these points we can locate the exact spot as indicated on the picture below.

Another Example? The coordinates for the Las Vegas Convention Center are:


The location of this is indicated by the second set of lines on the diagram below.

Next Time on Learning with LVLG: How about an online vector math calculator to automatically determine the aerial distance between any two selected hotels or landmarks... let's see SQRT((E.4 - B.9)**2 + (6.0 - 4.3)**2) = ...
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