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Ginger, The Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken Champion

by Norm Johnson
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What does it take to tame a chicken? I remember when I was a youngster and my mother had a chicken coop in the backyard, along with some rabbits, and the only thing we could ever get them to do was eat. Now chickens are being scouted by various people to compete against us humans in a game we all grew up playing: Tic-Tac-Toe. I know for a fact (at least I thought I did) that no chicken was raised playing the game. But obviously not everyone, especially Bunky Boger, was aware of that fact.

See, Bunky was the first to spot the raw talent of a young chick named Ginger. His years of training and work with animals had not really prepared him for what every talent manager dreams of a headliner on the Las Vegas Strip. But now that dream has come to fruitation with Ginger agreeing to a contract with the Tropicana Hotel. Yep the chicken put her scratch mark on the paperwork earlier this year, making her debut in the new "$10,000 Chicken Challenge" at the historic hotel earlier this month. You should see the crowds rushing to see this new star of the strip. The other three hotels (on the three corners) are scrambling to keep from losing all their customers to the Trop. Lines wind through the hotel as people wait their turn at trying to beat Ginger at a simple game.

But guess what folks? It's not an easy thing to do. Ginger, who was born in a very humble chicken coop in Arkansas, had only one direction to go as it grew up pecking at the feed designed to fatten it up. Personally folks (I love chicken breasts) I'm sure Ginger was not scheduled to become a star on the Strip. Although it is very possible she could've ended up on the Strip in another capacity. But along came Mr. Boger and whalla "A Star Was Born!"

From what I have learned, through a secret operative who talks to chickens, the first Ginger (at the Tropicana in Atlantic City) has been beat at the game only five times. The five winners, it turned out, had what they called a chicken's brain and that's why they were able to do the near impossible. Like all stars of her caliber you should see what is in her contract.

Ginger is to be transported in either a limo or a copter to and from the hotel. While performing she is to be protected by police (you know how people like us want to collect autographs of the famous). Her dressing room must be a suite and must have a king bed, a spa and cable television and an aesthetician and masseuse must be on standby 24 hours a day. Her nails are to be done two hours prior to any performance and there must be a fresh flower arrangement. The most unusual, among many, is that she demands 12 bottles of chilled Cristal. Very strange bird this star. But alas everyone has his or her 15 minutes of fame. Just let Ginger lose too many games and guess where she'll be doing her clucking? You got that right. I do love chicken breast! If you want to try and beat her she appears daily from 10 a.m. to 10 pm., with no dark dates. And it's free but you must be a member of the Winners Club, which is easy to join.

While on the subject of food the Rio Hotel made a major announcement the other day regarding four new restaurants and a very famous Niteclub. Gaylord India Restaurants, with 18 locations around the world, will join the Rio family of fine food fare. Hamada of Japan (already firmly established in our fair city) will move in shortly as will Rosemary's and J.W.'s Tavern. Robert Frey, owner of the famous Coyote Ugly chain, was on hand to tell the media that he was going to be part of the entertainment scene with a Niteclub. Of course he did not confirm exactly what it would be named, but one can take a pretty good guess. We did ask Ginger if she knew about the Niteclub coming to the Rio (even though she is the star at another establishment) and she said she couldn't wait to get down and scratch on the dance floor. Of course I wonder how they will handle the crowd control if she shows up? Hummmm, I do love chicken breasts, don't you?

Hey, gang I'm outa here!

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