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Darren, Celine and Comedy

by Norm Johnson
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Happy Birthday to Siegfried, part of the famous magical team who appear in their own theatre at the Mirage Hotel. Between he and his partner, Roy, they have brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people throughout the years. They continue to help new entertainers, shows and to show up for openings and parties, which early in their career helped to catapulted them to the heights they now enjoy. They never forgot what got them there: talent and publicity!

And now they are helping another entertainer to make a mark in the world of magic by sponsoring Darren Romeo. This is not the usual magician! No indeed. He sings while performing magical tricks and has a dynamite voice. Yes, the Magicians of the Century are now bringing you the star of the future every afternoon in their own theatre.

More on this in a later column.

As you already know, unless you have been living in a cocoon, Celine Dion will have her very own theatre at Ceasars Palace. The media were taken on a tour of the facility recently and the singer sorta hosted the tour. She told the gathering that one of the things that made her decide to change her style of presenting concerts was after seeing "O" at the Bellagio. "I always gave 100 percent to my performances, and after seeing "O" I decided I wanted to continue to give that same effort, but in a completely new style. And now I will be allowed to do that thanks to this magnificent building and a fabulous team of producers."

Tickets are flying out of the box office faster than they can print them, according to my sources. The first show will kick off in March after extensive rehearsals overseas and then for a solid two months in the theatre itself prior to the official opening. Should be a tremendous undertaking from what we have been told: flying pianos, flying orchestra and even a flying Dion. Wow, sounds fabulous!

"Thunder From Down Under", the sexy (for ladies) all male revue from Australia, will be leaving its present location at the New Frontier Hotel, to settle down inside the Excalibur Hotel where it opens July 5. I remember when the original group first arrived in our little town. The Stardust Hotel became their home away from home for a number of years and the huge ballroom was always filled with some very excited ladies. The group was forced to move around from hotel to hotel the last couple of years, but this appears to be a positive move. They will be sharing the room occupied by "Catch a Rising Star." Merlin's Theatre (the new name) will see "Thunder" doing an early show with "Catch" dropping to one show at 10 pm.

Speaking of the Stardust Hotel, Wayne Newton was on hand the other morning to assist in the announcement of a new festival to be held at the hotel and in his theatre. The Las Vegas Comedy Festival is scheduled for Sept.4-8 and will be part of a national contest in various cities to find some new comedians and even rediscover some of the older ones. "Laugh Across America" will be staged in 10 cities, starting in Los Angeles, and ending up here. According to the promoters some 70 winners will be invited to compete in the finals at the Stardust, along with hundreds who will be attending various workshops dealing with comedy, producing, speaking, etc. More on this in a later column.

That's it for now. I'm outa here!

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