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"It's The Norm" - Recent Entertainment Events in Las Vegas

Ms. Brenda Lee

by Norm Johnson
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Well how is the New Year going for you? It's been nice for me thus far. Went to the Orleans the other evening to see an old friend, Ms. Brenda Lee, all 4'9" of her. And, know what? I'm so glad I did! She is still dynamic as ever, just as cute as a bug and can sing the heck out of any song.

She is a survivor too. Why, when everyone back in the 80's and even 90's was struggling for dates (gigs) to work, she was traveling all over the world. Her career actually got started, as you must know if you followed her at all, when she was just a little tyke of six. She made her national debut on the old "Ozark Jubilee" show with Red Foley in 1956 I believe. I know I met her when she first appeared here in Las Vegas (for me at least) when Stephanie Neilson booked her into the Imperial Palace and later the old Aladdin Hotel.

The evening we went to the Orleans the house was filled to the brim. Her band was terrific as were her two dynamic backup dancer/singers. There was no opening act either. She hit the boards exactly at 7 pm singing and left the stage at 8:20 singing. Of course she did a galaxy of great standards, some by her and many by other stars of the past and present. "I'm Sorry" was a biggie for her (selling more than 20 million records to date) and the crowd responded with wild applause when she presented it. Over all I would venture to say in the course of the show our little Ms. Dynamo must of sang about 30 songs at least.

All I can say, is the next time she hits town make sure to get your ticket early. She is worth every penny of the price of a ticket.

Boy, is it that time already? It seems that it was only a few days ago when the "Boy's of Thunder," those guys from NASCAR, were here practicing. To be honest it was just a year ago this month that I last talked to the Man in Black at the track. He was in for a test session at the speedway. The guys return this month for four days of advance practice before they go to Daytona for the opening event of the 2002 season. The NASCAR Cup and Busch drivers will be at the speedway from Monday, Jan. 28 through Thursday. Our local lad Brendan Gaughan will be working out his kinks on the 30th and 31st. Kurt Busch will be in on the 28th and 29th. The public is invited to take a gander.

The Stardust is bringing back one of its top drawing attractions in the Wayne Newton Theatre on the 16th when the "Legendary Ladies of Rock'n Roll" roll into town for four nights. Composed of headliners all the all girl show features Leslie Gore, Shirley Alston Reeves (original lead singer of the Shirelles), little Peggy March and the Chiffons. This writer had the pleasure of seeing the show last year at the hotel, and I just might take it in again. We really enjoyed it and you just might also. Wayne returns to his room on Jan. 21st.

That's about it for another week. I'm outa here!

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