Backstage LIVE with Gary & Connie
October 25-31, 2001 ARCHIVES
Backstage LIVE with Gary & Connie
Review of the Popular Las Vegas Weekly TV Show


by Larry Houck
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Returning home to the Grand Salon of The Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace, the "Backstage Live" crew with hosts Gary Campbell and Connie Ross, celebrated their return from many travels with another fantastic show full of fun and talented Las Vegas stars.

Comedian / Juggler Michael Holly kicked off the festivities with a sample performance of his daily afternoon show at the Sahara Hotel & Casino, Michael Holly's "Off The Wall." With fast hands and quick wit, Holly keeps the audience in stitches while he juggles such diverse items as M&Ms and bowling balls. Holly also pulls off an outstanding set of juggling while walking a low tightrope - a must see.

Speaking of ropes, James Thompson, otherwise known as "The RopeMaster" for his incredible feats such as jump roping with as many as three people hanging on him, dropped in for a Judo demonstration and a display of "Street-Sense Self-Defense." Assisted by Dolores Brody, a five-time National Judo Champion, Thompson showed some basic Judo moves and then spoke about the Judo Tournament, the U.S. Open International, that took place last weekend here in Las Vegas.

Ron Livingston took a short break from his show at the Kabuki Lounge, located just inside the front doors of the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, to sing a beautiful tune for the "Backstage Live" audience. The Kabuki Lounge features great live music nightly starting at 4:30 p.m.

Singer Genia Dugan and her band "Johnny" stepped in for a couple of songs. "Johnny" is an alternative-techno band that incorporates fantastic lyrics with phenomenal instrumentation. On October 26, "Johnny" will celebrate their new CD release "Blue Over" with a party at Las Vegas' "Junkyard." Look for their new CD in a store near you.

Singer / entertainer / fellow television show host Tony Sacca also performed for Gary, Connie and the "Backstage Live" audience, with a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem. Just the day before, Sacca was seen world-wide via the internet as he performed our country's song to open the Las Vegas Courtesy Award Luncheon on behalf of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. You can catch his performance as well as the entire luncheon activities on the web at or

Last, but not least, Gary & Connie got a visit from Daryl Wagner who brings to life the flamboyant Liberace, twice nightly, in "Legends In Concert" at the Imperial Palace. Wagner's amazing resemblance and incredible piano playing has made him one of the favorite "Legends" for years at the popular show. You can see all the "Legendary" superstar tributes at 7:30 and 10:30 p.m. nightly, except Sundays, by calling (702) 794-3261 for tickets.

You, too, can join Gary and Connie weekly FREE in the Grand Salon of The Auto Collections, fifth floor of the parking facility of the Imperial Palace, every Saturday night from 6 to 8 p.m., to see the stars come out for "Backstage Live."

Talk America Radio Network and Cable Radio Network originate "Backstage Live," and it airs in the Las Vegas area, live, on KNUU 970 AM, Saturdays 6-8 p.m., and on tape delay on Sundays 10-Mid. on KXNT 840 AM.

If you prefer to just listen in, but would also like to call in, the listener call-in number is 800-298-TALK (8255).

"Backstage Live" is also seen locally on Cox Cable Metro 48, Saturday and Sunday nights, from 11 p.m. to midnight. KEEN TV 17 airs the show Fridays 9 to 11 p.m. and on Realtime video, Also, see "Backstage Live" on KPVM Channel 41 in Pahrump, Nevada, Fridays, 5 to 7 p.m. National cable TV syndicated by American Independent Network, check your local listings.

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