Laughter Is The Best Medicine
August 8-14, 2002 ARCHIVES
"Laughter Is The Best Medicine" Covers The Vegas Comedy Scene Weekly


by Florence Troutman
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Las Vegas offers more comedy than any other city in the world! The "Entertainment Capital of the World" will be soon be known as "The Comedy Capital of the World" when the Stardust Hotel hosts the "First Annual Las Vegas Comedy Festival," September 4 through 8. Comics and industry members from all over the country will gather to meet, perform and share their comedy experiences with each other and the public.

"I'm no good at nuttin' and I'm a hit," says Jackie Mason. Not exactly, he's the kind of entertainer who won't have you looking at your watch once in two hours. Mason, who is at the MGM Grand in the Hollywood Theater, through August 14th is a deadpan comic genius. It's impressive that he can walk out onto a stage armed with nothing more than a wireless mike and coax two hours' worth of laughs from an audience. His disclaimers are endless: I hope you don't think I'm anti-gentile, or, I hope you don't think I'm anti-homosexual. The refrain is so constant it almost becomes a joke in itself. Mason is a master of the one-liner. His best moments can't be captured on the printed page because they're all about expressions and timing and the cumulative effect of an evening of laughing. That's one of the signs that the audience is in the hands of a comic master.

Take the WHOLE family to see former Spellbound co-star comedy / juggler Michael Holly who is appearing at Harrahs through August 31 at 5:00 pm. Holly is not only an excellent juggler, he has his audiences in stitches from beginning to end. This is truly a show for all ages. Don't miss him!

The Comedy Stop at the Tropicana has the hilarious Basile in for the week. BASILE has just released his new CD "Basile Unleashed" and has become one of the hottest comedy acts in the country today! Experiencing BASILE "unplugged and in concert" is like walking through a series of doors in the hall of hilarity. He opens the door to his show with what many call "the funniest opening bit in stand-up comedy!" Then he slams the door shut and guides you on a journey through a series of wild, silly and outrageously funny revolving doors. Appearing with Basile are fellow headliners Patty Ross and Alan March. Shows are at 8:00 (non-smoking) and 10:30 p.m., nightly.

Comedians Tim Conway and Harvey Korman will keep the laughter coming when they perform "Together Again" at the Las Vegas Hilton, August 8-10. For more than a decade, Conway and Korman were part of classic Americana in the hit musical-comedy "The Carol Burnett Show." Their camaraderie and comedic rhythm are timeless and their live, on-stage performances are a healthy dose of G-rated laughter.

If you want to become part of a comedy show, check out Second City in Bugsy's Celebrity Theater at the Flamingo Las Vegas. Improvisation takes comedians who are thinking fast and funny on their feet. A Second City troupe, with a incredible roster of alumni i.e. Martin Short, Mike Myers and the late John Belishi, has to react to a word, a situation or a thought (all provided by the audience) and turn it into something hilarious. This troupe, as others in Chicago, Toronto and Detroit, does just that.

Talk to you next week! Until then, be sure to keep laughing because LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE for all that ails us!

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