Laughter Is The Best Medicine
August 1-7, 2002 ARCHIVES
"Laughter Is The Best Medicine" Covers The Vegas Comedy Scene Weekly


by Florence Troutman
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Las Vegas offers more comedy than any other city in the world! The "Entertainment Capital of the World" will be soon be known as "The Comedy Capital of the World" when the Stardust Hotel hosts the "First Annual Las Vegas Comedy Festival," September 4 through 8. Comics and industry members from all over the country will gather to meet, perform and share their comedy experiences with each other and the public.

Winston O'Rourke, former creative director of Catch A Rising Star will see her dream come true when she launches her new television show, "Comedy Kitchen" at the Festival and Trade Show. O'Rourke, a former performer herself, loves entertaining, good food, friends and comedy. She has taken these loves and incorporated them into a unique cooking show featuring comedians who love to cook as well as make people laugh. "Comedy Kitchen" will be a series of half-hour cooking shows with O'Rourke as host and different comedians as special guests. "The Comedy Festival seems the perfect time and place to launch my new show," she explains. "We'll be doing four shows per day for four days. The festival should be great fun for those in the comedy business as well as those who just love comedy. There will be many famous people at the trade show signing autographs and speaking at seminars, so you never know who may stop by "Comedy Kitchen" to lend a hand, share a recipe or crack a joke!" O'Rourke has always said, "There never can be enough laughter and everyone has to eat!"

Andrew "Dice" Clay, the "bad boy" of comedy is at the Stardust Resort & Casino August 1 through 3 at 8:00 p.m. "Dice" has been called "the King of Political Incorrectness" and rightly so. He takes on the guise of a streetwise big city tough-guy as he delivers his outrageous monologues peppered with words guaranteed to challenge the tolerance levels of censors everywhere! This is a very funny man who found a hook that set him apart from most other comedians.

The Comedy Stop at the Tropicana has the master comedy ventriloquist Dan Horn in for the week. He admits to shocking fellow pallbearers at a funeral, when "lemme out of here" seemingly emanated from the casket they were carrying. He also claims to have startled an older couple at an International House of Pancakes, who probably never heard a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth talk before! Appearing with Horn are fellow headliners John Knight and Rich Ramirez. Shows are at 8:00 (non-smoking) and 10:30 p.m., nightly.

Penn and Teller are appearing at in the Samba Theater at the Rio Hotel & Casino. Named "Magicians of the Year" two years in a row, they recently signed a long-term agreement to perform through September 2004. If one word describes Penn and Teller, it is, without a doubt, "cool." This eccentric pair of comedy / magicians has been performing their hilarious brand of humor since 1975 and they're still great friends! Of course, perhaps that's because one doesn't speak! They perform tricks that are puzzles, if not mysteries. This unique partnership which serves as Visiting Scholars at MIT and lectures at the Smithsonian Institute and Oxford University, offer a show filled with dedicated showmanship as well as an intriguing intellectual challenge to audiences of all ages. Penn and Teller were named two of the funniest people alive in Entertainment Weekly's "50 Greatest Comedians Today," and should not be missed!

Talk to you next week! Until then, be sure to keep laughing because LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE for all that ails us!

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