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November 8-14, 2001 ARCHIVES
"Beyer's Beat" Covers Las Vegas Hotel and Lounge Entertainment Weekly


by Steve Beyer
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Are you ready for a new generation of Live Music entertainment in Las Vegas? If so, then you must go to Texas Station and check out Celebrity Skin, a tribute to the 90's decade of music. From the creators and players of Loveshack, Celebrity Skin boasts a new nostalgia event that has been an instant hit with party people of all ages. Every Thursday night at 10 pm in the Armadillo Lounge, you can see the likeness of Vanilla Ice, Courtney Love, Kid Rock, Trent Reznor, Curt Cobain, and Lenny Kravitz. When the act takes the stage the dance rock show begins with hit songs like "Unbelievable" (EMF), "Semi-Charmed Life" (TEB) "Cowboy" (Kid Rock) and "Express Yourself" (Madonna). You'll also hear songs like "Cannonball", "California Love", "Walking on the Sun", and "You Steal My Sunshine". The song selection is extremely diverse covering all ranges of the 90's hits and the repertoire increases weekly. So come rock out with great drink specials, great people, and the great music of Generation X performed live by Celebrity Skin, just the way you remember them.

Earl Turner has moved into the Copacabana Showroom at the Rio, unquestionably establishing him as a Las Vegas headliner. This dynamo has been giving stellar high-energy performances for years and has now been given "his due" in this latest achievement. Every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 pm Earl and his great band hit the stage with every thing from Gospel to R & B, Country to Pop, and timeless Standards to Rock and Roll! Earl is the master of audience interaction and will find the way to stay up close and personal with his larger "congregation" of fans. Earl is a quintessential entertainer who is both comedic and dramatic, an impersonator and an originator who dances and sings, charms and disarms. Come and see the man who has come up through the ranks, paid the dues, and now deserves your attention!

The stage is set, the clock strikes 12, and your Midnight Fantasy begins. The sensuous and lovely dancers engage in a series of seductive dreamscapes, beginning in ancient Egypt and traveling forward to modern erotica. Each number tantalizes as the stylish choreography moves their bodies through the enticing scenarios. Impressionist extraordinaire, Sean Cooper, enters as a record scratchin' DJ / Break Dancer, but the howls come when he returns in caricatures of Tina Turner and Sammy Davis, Jr. Multi-talented comedian and writer, John Padon, is the perfect comedian for this style review as he darts in and out of risqu‚ and current topical humor, testing the audience's "whoa" quotient and then saying, "Loosen up people, you're at a topless show", you can't be that conservative! Producer Anita Mann has done another great job and un-fortunately, time can't stand still forever and Midnight Fantasy ends about ninety minutes later. (Actual showtimes: 8:30 & 10:30 on Tues., Thurs, & Sat., Wed. & Fri. at 10:30, and Sun. 8:30 pm.

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