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David Brenner

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David Brenner

None other than the renown David Brenner, has established himself with a permananet show in his very own theater at the new Westin Casuarina.

David Brenner has had a remarkable career beginning with his National TV appearance on the famed Tonight Show to his four hit HBO specials. He continues to be the most frequent talk show guest of any entertainer and because of his "current events" based humor he has even appeared on several top rated newscasts.

His most successful "Laughter To The People" tour which brought healing comedy relief to a nation suffering from the aftermath of 9/11 has taken him to nearly all 50 states. Back from the road he is settling into his new digs and bringing political and current event issues into his top notch comedy performance.

Don't get caught in Las Vegas without a ticket to see this funny man. You'll laugh all the way home!
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