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Chubby Checker
Chubby Checker, born Ernest Evans, began his signing career when he was a teenager in the mid-1950s. He sang impressions of Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry in a South Philadelphia poultry market. After only 3 short years, Chubby landed a record deal and introduced a revolutionary dance to the world.

Chubby unveiled the "Twist" in November 1959 to the mass teenage audience of American Bandstand. Before the Twist, dancers were usually required to touch or dance cheek-to-cheek but the Twist offered dancers an option to really cut loose on the dance floor.

The dance craze quickly swept the nation. But in its wake it also caused much controversy around the world where it was banned in parts of Florida, New York, South Vietnam and East Germany South Africa, condemned in China.

"The Twist" became the only record in pop music history to reach #1 in two different years by the same artist. Based on his record sales, Chubby Checker was awarded the first-ever platinum album. "The Twist" was just the beginning as Chubby took dancing by storm when he introduced several other dances, like the Pony, Fly and Shake.

"The Twist", however, remains Chubby Checker s claim to fame and Chubby continues to perform his hits on tour with his band, The Wildcats.
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